Complete Fracture of a Chimney Stent in the Left Common Carotid Artery after Thoracic Endovascular Aortic Repair for Thoracic Aneurysm

To the Editor: We reported a rare complication after thoracic endovascular aortic repair (TEVAR) with a chimney stent. A 68-year-old patient with no history presented to our hospital history of chest or back pain for evaluation of the endograft for TEVAR of a thoracic aneurysm approximately 4 years previously. Computed tomography angiography showed significant type […]

Dynamic attack zone of air-to-air missile after being launched in random wind field

A new concept is presented for air-to-air missile which is dynamic attack zone after being launched in random wind field. This new concept can be used to obtain the 4-dimensional (4-D) information regarding the dynamic envelope of an air-to-air missile at any flight time airned at different flight targets considering influences of random wind, in […]

Dynamics Model of Fuze Centrifugal Force-driven Vertical Rotor

For the existing dynamics analysis for fuze centrifugal force-driven vertical rotor with axis was deficient,a model of applied force of rotor rotating round fixed axis was established,in which the effect of Coriolis force,recoil force and nutation force for rotor rotating was fully considered.And vector method was adopted to analyze the force of the rotor.Calculation examples […]

Optimal Design for Condenser Tube Bundle in Limited Space

The power station civil design causes the limitation of condenser space, which requires nanufaeiurer to design the condenser under limitation. This paper tends to reach the requirement of condenser performance and outline limitation by analyzing the tube bundle type and considering other points.

Application developments of high performance and multifunctional light weight materials in defense equipments

New Materials needed for advanced weapons and defense equipments continuously develop toward high performance, multifunctional, light weight, low cost and intellectualized. Production and R&D of 25 American and European etc. countries in new materials of aerospace, weapons and defense parts were illustrated. The current situation in R&D of military industrial new materials in foreign institutes, […]

“Sci-Culturomics” and Studies on Science Culture

China is a country with a long history and profound traditional culture. China has taken faster steps in theadvancement of science and technology. The evolution of the culture should be observed with the research model of Big Datain the Internet and computation age. This culture change dose not only include an understanding of science and […]

Discussion of Reform Experience of 20t Circulating Fluidized Bed Boiler Desulfurization

Heidaigou original has three Xinxiang Gongshen boiler factories to produce circulating fluidized bed boiler without designing desulfurization at first infrastructure. This paper aims at the type of furnace combustion characteristic and uses the parameters of coal, then puts forward to adding direct spraying calcium desulfurization method in furnace. Through the practical reformation and examine, the […]

First Exploration of Prognostics and Health Management of Nuclear Power Plant

Traditional maintenance and support technologies cannot meet the requirement of the safety, re- liability and economy of nuclear power plants. The prognostics and health management (PHM) technology is a technology of on-condition maintenance and it is significant meaningful to preserve the safety and relia- bility of nuclear power plants. The conception and significance of the […]

The Timing System of the Neutral Beam Injector on EAST

In order to synchronize the elements of the EAST Neutral Beam Injector (NBI) spatially located in several places, a distributed Timing System (TS) is developed in this paper. The timing system provides a clock reference for synchronization and an interlock protection of the EAST NBI system. It sends timing signals to field devices, controls the […]