Nitrogen recycling technology of pulverized coal injection in blast furnace

Following the national economic fluctuation,after more than ten years of rapid development iron and steel enterprises entered a period of adjustment.Now many steel enterprises have pay attention to adjustment of product structure,elimination of outdated equipment,refining the existing reform to improve technological level and reducing the cost of energy consumption.the pulverized coal injection operating system in […]

Synthesis and Characterization of Two New Energetic Polyamino and Nitro Pyridine Derivatives

A new azo-bridged pyridine derivative (E) -1,2-bis (2-chloro-3-nitropyrJdin-4-yl) diazene (3) and 2-chloro-4-amine-3,5-dinitropyridine (2) were synthesized through a direct nitration reaction using 2-chloro-4-aminopyridine(1 ) as a primary material, followed by a simple am ination reaction to give (E) -1,2-bis ( 2-amino-3-nitro-pyridin-4-yl ) diazene ( 5 ) and 2,4-diamino-3,5-dinitropyridine ( 4 ), with a total yield of […]

Similarity Estimation Radiation Transport Based Improvement of Simulation Modeling

CAD/Image-based Modeling Program for Nuclear and Radiation System (MCAM) has been widely used for nuclear analysis of complex devices. It helps to produce suitable models with radiation transport simulation codes in an efficient, less error-prone way. In order to further improve the efficiency for complex problems, this study introduced and implemented a similarity estimation based […]

Natural Circulation Characteristic Analysis of CARR Based on CFD Method

The CFD model of CARR main body was set up in this paper. The CFD model was verified by comparing the engineering experimental data and the simulation results of forced circulation steady condition and natural circulation transient condition, and this model was also used to simulate the natural circulation capability test condition. Through simulating the […]

Optimal Design of Pressure Control System of PWR Pressurizer Based on Digital Regulators

Based on the pressure control system of the pressurizer with digital regulator, and according to different dynamic characteristics of the pressurizer pressure rising or reducing, a control system using a digital regulator with two sets of parameters used in control pressure of pressurizer is proposed in this paper. The design of SAMA Diagram of Control […]

Numerical Investigations on the Aerodynamic Performance of Wind Turbine: Downwind Versus Upwind Configuration

Although the upwind configuration is more popular in the field of wind energy, the downwind one is a promising type for the offshore wind energy due to its special advantages. Different configurations have different aerodynamic performance and it is important to predict the performance of both downwind and upwind configurations accurately for designing and developing […]

Combination of Chelate Precipitation and Advanced Oxidation for Treating Tannic Acid Lead Wastewater

The tannic acid lead wastewater were acidic,low biochemical degradation and complex compo-nents.Based on the existing circumstance,the combined process,chelate physical precipitation and ad-vanced oxidation,were used for treating tannic acid wastewater.The effect of pH was studied in chelate precipitation process.The effects of pH,n(H2O2):n(Fe^2+)ratio,H2O2 dosage and ultrasonic enhance-ment on the CODCr removal were systematically investigated in the Fenton […]

Prediction of Green Manufacturing Technology Development for Iron and Steel Industry (Year 2015 – 2025)

With the deepening of energy saving process in iron and steel industry, the energy saving technology of iron and steel industry in China has been well developed. In this article, the energy saving technology of China has been summarized. The scheme and implementation strategy has been proposed through comparison of current situation of technology development […]

Research of the Design Theory and Technology of Cabin Area of a Display Demo Airplane

Display demo airplane is a kind of demo airplane which is designed at the beginning of aircraft design stage. The function of it is to show costumers the advanced and reasonable layout design of cabin and cockpit, the innovative Internal system and the comfortable performance. The display demo airplane is significant to the design and […]

Numerical investigation of turbine mass-flow rate regulation using impulsive airflow injection

The turbine flow field with guide vane surface using impulsive airflow injection was calculated with three-dimensional numerical simulation method. The influence of impulsive airflow injection on turbine mass-flow rate was compared with the influence of steady airflow injection, and the effects of impulsive frequency and impulsive amplitude on turbine mass-flow rate were analyzed. The results […]