Reaction Behavior of Anatase Titanium Oxide in High Calcium System

Thermodynamic and kinetics analysis of anatase Ti O2 reaction in high calcium system were conducted and the possible reactions were determined. Activation energy,reaction order and reaction control types of important reactions were determined by calculation in this system. The reaction behaviors of anatase Ti O2 in Ti O2-Ca O-Na Al O2 system were investigated through […]


For low recovery in the high vanadium ferrovanadium powder production, high unit consumption of vanadium oxide and production problems such as uneven distribution of vanadium element, it is necessary to put forward research and development of automatic injection device. The overall structure of the automatic injection device is mainly composed of column support parts, transverse […]

Direction Connect Test on Isolator Considering Effects of Nonuniform Flow at Inlet Throat

In order to investigate the effects of nonuniform flow at inlet throat on the flow characteristics of isolators,a direct connected experimental facility was designed to simulate the lip shock wave and asymmetric boundary layer at the isolator entrance. The experiment with nonuniform flows at the isolator entrance was con?ducted in a wind tunnel at Mach […]

Diagnostic parameters of numerical weather model for aviation operation decision

The severe weather has a strong effect on air transportation. The introduction of numerical weather prediction model for diagnostic analysis would be a good way for the airlines to take effective operational control decisions by improving the accuracy and usefulness meteorological information. The torrential rain occurred in Beijing area is taken for example, the new […]

Continuous Torpedo Attack Submarines for Surface Ships and Technical Issues

Based on the tactical and technical characteristics of submarine torpedo attack, it analyzes the surface ships of enemy submarine torpedo weapon needs continuous attacks, it points out that in order to effectively implement this kind of attack, weapon system must be able to shoot aiming point selection and related functions such as target transformation, and […]

Application of Limestone Used in the 150t Top and Bottom Combined Blowing Converter

With analyzing of the production data,the plan of making slag with limestone in the converter steel- making process has been proved relatively reasonable. The advantage of limestone used in converter steel- making has been explained. The substitution of lime for limestone in slag- making process has reduced the blowing temperature in the early process of […]

A Review of Mao Zedong’s Scientific Prediction of World War Ⅱ and Great Contribution

On the eve of World War II and during period of the war, by utilizing the ideological weapon of Marxism outlook on war, with his amazing perspicacity, Mao Zedong made a scientific and incisive prediction of the inevitability, probable process and future, strategies and tactics of both sides at war and three periods of the […]

Transformation of Pulverizer Liners and Economic Benefits for 600MW Unit

The upgrading of equipment of thermal power plant is an important way to improve the energy efficiency of the power plant.The present situation and the necessity of the double inlet and double outlet pulverizer liners' transformation and upgrading of the 660MW power plan is introduced. Then comparing the old and the new performance parameters of […]

Testability Design and BIT Technology of Missile Weapons

The key factors in testability design for missile and its mutual relation are put forward. In terms of concurrent engineering,the concurrent design logical process of the perfomance design and testability design are proposed. Missile-borne BIT top-level design and the application of embedded test technology in units BIT of missile are introduced. Finally,the development prospect and […]


Using bauxite ore and ammonium sulfate as raw materials , Al203 and Fe203 were extracted from bauxite ore by the method of ammonium sulfate roasting. The optimum conditions, which could guarantee the ex- traction rate of Al2 O3 more than 98% and the extraction rate of Fe2 O3 more than 88% , were figure out […]