Original packaging the intersection of normal product and SKF, FAG, NSK 22344CCK/W33 transfer heart roll sub authorised dealer of bearing Shanghai price

Transfer heart roll sub bearing have two roll son, bear the intersection of radial and load mainly, at the same time can bear axial load of direction any. Have high loaded ability of radial, work under especially suitable for heavily loadedly or shaking the load, but can’t bear the purely axial load. This kind of bearing outer lane rolls and says it is the sphere shape, so it is good to adjust heart performance, can compensate one degree of errors of co-axle.

Have two symmetrical sphere roll son, outer lane have one share sphere get away dish, inner circle have two string and the intersection of bearing and axis slope to get away dish one angle, have good transferring heart performance, the bearing can still be used normally when axle is bent or installed different hearts by force, transfer disposition, it up to the intersection of bearing and sizes to be series different different, allow generally transfer heart view 1~2.5 degrees, the load ability of this type bearing is relatively big, the bearing still can bear the axial load of the two-way function besides can bear radial load ing, have better resisting and assaulting ability, the working rotational speed that the sub bearing allows is relatively low that generally speaking adjust the heart and roll.
Transfer heart roll sub bearing the intersection of son and sectional shape divide into, roll for symmetrical the intersection of shape and sphere son and asymmetrical the intersection of shape and sphere get away son two kinds of different structure according to roll, the asymmetry adjusts the heart and rolls the sub bearing belongs to the early products, it is mainly the maintenance service of host computers, select symmetrical shape for use, transfer heart, get away sub bearing seldom design host computer newly, the internal structure is improves design and parameter and optimizes in an all-round way, the sub bearing is compared to roll with adjusting the heart of early production, can bear greater axial load, the operation of this kind of bearing is relatively low in temperature, so can meet the needs of higher rotational speed, block and use, keep shelf with can be divided a C type and CA type two kinds into according to inner circle, the characteristic of the Model C bearing is that an inner circle has not been blocked and adopt the stencil plate to press and keep the shelf, the characteristic of the CA type special Ryan’s bearing is blocked for both sides of inner circle and adopt the car to make the entity and keep the shelf in order to improve the lubrication of the bearing, can provide outer lane for user to be with endless oil groove and three pieces of oil hole to transfer heart, roll sub bearing, represent with bearing rearmounted code / W33, according to the request of user can also supply, bring inner circle the intersection of oil and hole to transfer heart, get away sub bearing, in order to make it convenient for customer load and unload and change bearing, can offer inner hole have to transfer heart, get away sub bearing bearing conical degree, it is that K shows to put codes at 1:12 in hole conical degree of the awl, it is 1:30 bearing that can also offer the inner hole conical degree, its rearmounted code can hold the bearing on the cone-shaped journal directly with the locknut for the bearing with conical degree of K30 inner hole, can also be through fixing one or retreating and unloading set and installing the bearing on the cylindrical journal closely.
The sub bearing is divided into adjusting the heart and rolling: Cylindrical inner hole, inner hole of taper shape. The conical degree of the inner hole of taper is 1 respectively: 12 trailing named K to transfer heart, get away sub bearing ‘ 153000 type or 113000 type) With 1: 30 trailing named K30 to transfer heart, get away sub bearing. In, mix, along move, may change the radial backlash of the bearing with conical the intersection of axle and piece axially inner circle bearing this kind of.
Main use: Papermaking machinery, moderate and fit, rolling stock axletree, the intersection of rolling mill and the intersection of gearbox and the intersection of bearing and flat, the intersection of rolling mill and roller, breaker, shake sift, the intersection of printing and machinery, woodworking machinery, industry all kinds of with moderate plane, vertical to take transfer the intersection of heart and bearing

The name of product: Original packaging normal product SKF, FAG, NSK 22344CCK/W33 authorised dealer of Shanghai of the sub bearing – new type of spot price of adjusting the heart and rolling: 22344CCK/W33 old type: 153644 internal diameters: 220( mm) External diameter: 460( mm) Weight: -( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Adjust the sub bearing of the heart roller

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