Original packaging normal product SKF, FAG, the price of authorised dealer of Shanghai of ball bearing of NSK 234416 thrust

Thrust ball bearing can bear the design with loaded thrust to adopt while operating at a high speed, a washer in ditch and one set of circles forms that the ones that are have balls to roll roll. It is the seatpad shape because of one set of circles, so, thrust ball bearing is divided into the flat base cushion type and adjusted seatpad type two kinds of types of ball bearing hheey heart sphere of thrust. In addition, this kind of bearing can bear the axial load, but can’t bear the radial load.

Thrust ball bearing is enclosed and keeps part of a assembly three forming with the steel ball by the circle of stand, axle. The title axle cooperating with axle is enclosed, the title seat circle cooperating with outer cover.

According to being divided into unidirectional thrust ball bearing and two-way thrust ball bearing by the strength situation.

Unidirectional thrust ball bearing, can bear unidirectional axial load.

Two-way thrust ball bearing, can bear two-way axial load. Two-way thrust ball bearing, among them the axle is enclosed and cooperated with axle. The installation of the circle of seat personallies submit the bearing of the sphere, adjust heart performance, can reduce the influence of installing the error.

The thrust ball bearing can’t bear radial load, the terminal rotational speed is relatively low.

There is unidirectional, two-way two kinds type

In order to permit to install errors, no matter unidirectional or two-way, can choose the sphere to adjust the seatpad type of sphere of heart or take the sphere seat circle type.

High-quality steel -Can make to adopt the ultra clean steel of life-span supreme extension 80% of the bearing

High lubricating grease technology -Lubricant technology of NSK can lengthen the life of lubricating grease and improve the performance of the bearing

Premium steel ball -Quiet and smooth while rotating at a high speed

Utilize and select one set of circles in one, can permit to install errors.

The use of the thrust ball bearing:

On only suitable for bearing one side axial load, parts lower in rotational speeding, such as hoist cliver, vertical water pump, vertical centrifuge, jack, low-speed decelerator,etc.. The circles of axle circle, seat and rolling the body of the bearing are separation, can hold and dismantle respectively.

The name of product: Original packaging normal product SKF, FAG, the authorised dealer of Shanghai of ball bearing of NSK 234416 thrust – new type of spot price: 234416 old types: 2268116 internal diameters: 80( mm) External diameter: 125( mm) Weight: -( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Thrust ball bearing

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