Original packaging imported bearing F2188B off-centre bearing Germany INA normal product guarantees

There are a large number of stock in the company, zeal serves production firms and distributors from all walks of life.
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Jinan pot large bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in the operation of: The imported bearing of world-famous brands such as SKF bearing, NSK bearing, FAG bearing, NTN bearing, INA bearing,etc. and every large former factory bearing of our country.
The stock now of the company has world-famous brands and former factory bearing of our country that include: Deep the intersection of ditch and ball bearing, transfer the intersection of heart and ball bearing, cylinder roll sub bearing, transfer heart, get away sub bearing, needle bearing, horn contact ball bearing, taper roll sub bearing, thrust ball bearing,
Straight line bearing, straight line guide, joint bearing.
The products are mainly offered and formed a complete set by every large brand-name and high-quality manufacturer such as industry, machinery, rolling mill, textile, the railway, metallurgy, the mine, great variety of goods, ensure the quality of products, the complete service can make you get the products of our company within shortest time.
Jinan pot large bearing Co., Ltd. seeks to set up more intimately with old and new customers, lasting related partnership relation, follow ” sincere cooperation, sincerity is managed “, out-and-out, good service ”
Management theory

The name of product: Supply the original packaging imported bearing F-2188B off-centre bearing Germany INA normal product guarantees New type: Off-centre F-21788B old type: Off-centre F-21788B internal diameter: 5( mm) External diameter: 20( mm) Bearing material: Carburization bearing steel (surface hardening type) Use: Engineering machinery Type: Needle bearing

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