Optimization of high power HTS wind turbine generator based on 2D finite element transient analysis

Renewable power, such as wind power, has been pay high attention and developed with the depletion of fossil and the increase deterioration of environment. Because of the rich of wind resources in offshore and high cost of installation and maintenance, high power wind turbine is under the attention of many country and researchers. In order to produce high flux density and reduce weight, the field winding was assumed to be made of YBCO tapes while multifilament Mg B2 wires were considered for the armature winding. A 10 MW class synchronous wind turbine generator with both the field and armature windings superconducting was presented. The proposed design was analyzed using a transient finite element based on MAXWELL 14.0. The magnetic field of the whole generator was obtained. The waveform of output voltage and current were given out as the direct results of transient simulation. The output power was calculated easily with higher accuracy based on transient analysis. The spectrum of voltage and current was performed by FFT. The simulation results showed that the effective length of preliminary model could be reduced to 1300 mm and there was no significant harmonic component for voltage and current. The weight and cost of optimized model were all reduced.