Optimization and Experimental Research of Oil Consumption for Diesel Engine

Taking a diesel engine as the research object,and aiming at the phenomenon of oil leakage in the exhaust manifold of diesel engine in low power section,the design parameters such as the straightness of the upper and lower side of the piston oil ring groove,the oil ring groove belt,the oil return hole and oil discharge groove in the lower side of the oil ring groove are optimized and verified experimentally.The results show that the design to add an oil return hole in the lower side of the piston oil ring groove reduces the fuel consumption from the 19.4 g/h of the prototype product to 7.5 g/h,and the pass rate of oil leakage test of diesel engine reaches 98.4%,which effectively solves the oil leakage problem of the diesel engine and is instructive to the effective reduction of oil consumption of diesel engine.