On the six typical characteristics of science and technology powerful country

Building a science and technology powerful country(STPC)is the national strategy of China,"Becoming the STPC by 2049"has also become an important development goal of China.Accurately grasping the characteristics of the STPC is conducive to finding out the shortcomings and focusing on the key points of development.The STPC is the organic combination of multilevel elements,such as "the capability and achievements of science and technology","the hard strength and soft power of science and technology"and "epistemology, methodology and practice".Only from the perspectives of scientific research capacity,scientific and technological innovation ability,the development paradigm of science and technology,the level of scientific and technological products and engineering,the formulation of scientific and technological standards,and the influence of science and technology at home and abroad,can we grasp the typical characteristics of the STPC relatively scientifically.