On the Legal Regulation of Online Advertising Language

With the appearance and development of the online advertising,a series of challenges should be faced.Firstly,the individuals have become the subjects of advertising,making the traditional "dichotomy" between the language traditionally used in society and the one used by persons ineffective and bringing some difficulties in identifying the objects that should be regulated by language laws.Secondly,the enlargement of the form and scope of online advertising has made it necessary to expand the scope of legal regulation,and the difficulties appear in identifying the scope of regulating by the language laws,at the same time.Thirdly,the non-standard language used in online advertising have aggravated the conflicts between regulations and the actual situation,causing difficulties for legislating and the enforcement of language laws.To meet all these challenges,the current language laws of online advertising should be adjusted in the following ways,such as to relax the restrictions on the use of non-standard languages;to keep the online pages which are of little influence outside of the scope of the regulation;to focus on the platform of online advertising so as to make it the center of regulating.In terms of the legislation,both the National General Language Law and the Advertising Law(revised in 2015)should be revised in time to clearly regulate the online language and release some new relevant supporting regulations.