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NSK bearing characteristic

NSK major groove ball bearing is simple in construction, use convenient maintenance, is mainly used for bearing radial load, can also bear certain axial load, when the radial backlash of the bearing is strengthened, have characteristic that angles are exposed to the ball bearing, can bear greater axial load, the coefficient of friction of this kind of bearing is small, the terminal rotational speed is high, dimensional range and form change variously.

Choose and increase as compared to axial bearing capacity at the time of the great radial backlash, the contact angle is zero while bearing pure radial force. When there is function of axial force, the contact angle is greater than zero. Generally adopt and ram the wave shape retainer, the car makes entity retainer, adopts nylon shelf too sometimes.

The ball bearing of major groove is installed after on the axle, within the range of axial backlash of the bearing, the axial displacement of the controllable axle or outer cover, two directions, so can be positioning axially bidirectionally. In addition the bearing have certain the intersection of cente adjusting and ability also, as 2 ‘ when the 10 ‘ of inclined relative to exterior shell holing, can still work normally, but there is a certain influence on bearing life-span. Ball bearing retainers of major groove are mostly that the steel plates ram the wave shape retainer, the large-scale bearing adopt the car to make metal entity more

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