Novel Coupling Based Attitude Control System Design for Hypersonic Vehicles

This paper presents a novel coupling characterization based robust control scheme for hypersonic vehicles.First of all,the attitude equations of a hypersonic vehicle are denoted,and the error dynamic model of the hypersonic vehicle is obtained based on the backstepping technique.Then,a robust coupling-based control scheme is proposed combining with the disturbance observer,and the asymptotic convergence is guaranteed through the sliding mode compensation.Finally,the integral absolute error(IAE) performance index is introduced,and the better performance of the proposed method is proven theoretically.The proposed method not only guarantees the asymptotic stability and the strong robustness,but also improves the dynamic performance via considering the coupling characterization into the controller design.The aerodynamic parameters perturbation and actual actuator constraints are considered in the numerical simulations,and the results demonstrate the validity of the control method in this paper.