Nonstandard deep ditch ball B6067 bearing

Nonstandard deep ditch ball B60-67 bearing

Ntn adjusts the heart ball bearing and installs the invalid detection method
After ntn bearing is installed, in order to check whether it is correct to install, need to operate and check. Small-scale machinery can be rotated with hands, in order to confirm that it is smooth to rotate. It is not smooth to have operation incurred because of foreign matter, scar, compression to check the project, because it is bad to install, the mount pad is processed badly but the moment of production is unstable, the moment caused because it is small to pass installing the error, sealed friction in the backlash is too big,etc.. Have unusual can power turn round at the beginning. Motive force operates, begin from empty load at a low speed, the amount to the condition made of improvement slowly operates. It checks items to be that have unusual stereo, transfer the intersection of heart and the intersection of ball bearing and change, leakage or allochromasis of lubricant of temperature,etc. in the running-in. If find abnormality, should suspend operating immediately, check machinery, should pull down the bearing inspection if necessary. 1,Installation and adjustment of the low in noise ntn bearing can also imitate the bearing grouping method of the long-life, so as to cooperate and full of the size more unanimous, the backlash of the bearing is comparatively unanimous too, and hope to cooperate and have a surplus of and fetch smaller value within the possible range, in order to guarantee the bearing rolls the deformation of one is small, thus roll the body to diminish through noises caused. 2,The relation to the noise of the backlash is very heavy, the ideal state is when ntn bearing is in the maximum temperature state of operating, the backlash value is just zero. Judge the method with too big backlash is as follows, inactive state enable transfer axial displacement of ball bearing of heart, its reciprocal range is relatively large, send out the great and deep noise during operation. 3,Send out disagreeable sharp strict the intersection of whistle and cry operate, prove ntn bearing too old closely in advance, the bearing has partial great crossing having a surplus of in advance, should relax the tight intensity in advance slightly. If backlash too big, can make two bearing enclose along relative off-normal slightly axially: Not only reduce the backlash but also increase axial rigidity, can reduce the bearing noise. 4,Not having the zone time of load to skid to enter or flee and move from side to side to roll the body, can both strengthen the noise and cause and abrade in this way, and little backlash and great axial rigidity can dispel this kind of phenomenon. But the backlash can’t be too small, so as not to cause the temperature too high and the life-span is shortened. 5,Because the job temperature range of the host computer is very big sometimes, or the size of axle and bearing stand hole is dispersed and very large, can’t set up and get more appropriate backlash at one time, in this case, can exchange the outer lane of the heart ball bearing adopt the elasticity to press the tight law in advance definitely. It is the joint venture of the transition that ntn bearing and joint venture of the axle are popular, it is the joint venture of interval that the circle of stand and joint venture of the bearing seat hole are popular. Two-way pivot of bearing enclose, should fix at axle, in order to prevent looks from move, change about axle. Bearing device method, under the popular state is that the state that an axle is changed is in the majority, therefore inner circle and joint venture of the axle, in order to pass winning the joint venture, the bearing outer lane and joint venture of the bearing room are managed jointly for the interval. Fit bearing, want, affix dial gauge to the intersection of case and the intersection of shell and terminal surface first, make to touch head, against the intersection of bearing and axle, enclose, roll dish move and change the bearing above table, watch the indicator of the dial gauge while moving and changing, if the indicator is simply put, expound circle of axle and axle medium line are not vertical. If when the shell hole of the case is deeper, can also temper with a thousand points of gauge outfits extended. This one well tempers circle of axle and axle medium line verticality method. The bearing device has held inside out, not merely ntn bearing works abnormally, and will be abraded seriously every joint venture. Because the axle is enclosed with the circle of seat and not distinguished very obviously, should be overstepping one’s bounds while assembling to take care specially, can’t hold it inside out. It should be that its circle can adapt to rolling the rolling of body voluntarily time when the device is accurate, guarantee to roll the body and lie in and enclose and roll one from head to foot. In addition, adjust the interval that should also leave 0.2- 0.5mm between stand circle and bearing seat hole of the heart ball bearing, the error that in order to compensate for the processing of part, the device does not form accurately, one set of circles of bearing is at the time of middle skew in operation, this interval can guarantee it adjusts voluntarily, avoid touching and rubing, enable its normal operation. Otherwise, will make the bearing serious and injure.

The name of product: The new type of the nonstandard deep ditch ball B60-67 bearing: B60-67 old type: B60-67 use: Are the inner circle of bearing, outer lane made by the alloy steel band roll? ? ? Processed by the special craft and assembled it. Enclose the superficial spiral chink inside and outside the bearing, can make the lubricating oil spread all over bearings and work superficially evenly continuously. The bearing works under the operating mode condition with greater temperature difference, the bearing cooperates with very automatic compensation of the size. Spiral to roll the sub bearing is applicable in every large steel factory more. Type: Sub bearing of the spiral roller

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