Nonserviceable prediction of the spherical bearing outside IKO and preventing

1.Predict, prevent the early nonserviceable route of the bearing

The life time of the important Chinese and foreign spherical bearings of mechanical equipment is an important index, understand and grasp the working condition of IKO bearing, it is very essential to predict, prevent the early failure of the bearing. Usually have the following major routes.

1 Sophistication, raise life-span and reliability of the bearing. Including optimum structural design, processing choice and concise, high-efficiency noble and unsullied lubricated, meticulous assembly and installation of degree of technological reform, material,etc..

2 Strengthen quality detection and supervision of bearing products, guarantee the other spherical bearing product quality meets requirements for relevant standards or designs.

3 Strengthen supervision on IKO bearing working condition and diagnosis, find abnormality early, adopt the great losses that may cause of the preventive measure in order to prevent the sudden accident.

2.Detection system of the failure diagnosis

Modern IKO bearing fault diagnosis technique, were linked to delicate test system and monitoring means. The more mature detection system have the following aspects in employing actually at present.

1 The pulse side of bearing shakes the device

Bearing fatigue wear Or fatigue peels off And then, shake, the receiver changes the mechanical pulse signal into the electric signal and amplifies. When the pulses number goes beyond the normal range to reach sudden change, warning immediately, the other spherical bearing is out of use.

2 Alarm device of the bearing temperature

IKO bearing lubrication is bad, surface abrasion or fatigue will make the surface generate heat, when generating heat to certain limiting temperature, have already done and called the police, the bearing brings to rest.

3 Measure the state at that time of the bearing while running regularly, find or control the already defective development trend deeply.

4 Iron table diagnosis

The sample of the grease of the other spherical bearing of work of timing extration, measure quantity of abrasive grain, size and shape characteristic among them with the ferrogram machine, can find fatigue and intensity abraded, find the nonserviceable sign of IKO bearing.

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