Noise Abatement of Continuous Climb Operation Based on BADA

With the rapid development of China's civil aviation, noise pollution around the airport is growing. Low noise flight program is an advanced research hotspot because it is easier to develop and apply to practice. In this paper, the definition, characteristic and flight profile of CCO are summarized, and BADA-based trajectory prediction model and airport noise evaluation model are analyzed as well. The departure procedure in Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is chosen to provide basic date to calculate noise level and draw the noise counters with help of MATLAB. The noise effects of traditional procedure and CCO-based procedure are compared from noise area, noise influence time and noise region shape. Compared with traditional procedure, the CCO-based procedure can reduce the noise influence time, especially in the high noise level. At the same time, the CCO-based procedure can effectively reduce the noise area and affect the noise region shape.