NJ207ETVP2 original packaging FAG low price

NJ207ETVP2 original packaging FAG low price bearing uses over 100 degrees of temperature, 200 degrees of high temperature resistant bearing units of ability. There is much impurity dust, but the space does not allow to add the occasion of the dustproof protecting cover for the low price bearing unit of NJ207ETVP2 original packaging FAG. Often receive water or other liquid flushing, the space does not allow to add the occasion of the dust cap for the bearing unit. The humidity is big, it is the occasion of discontinuous running that NSK takes the stand bearing. The sealing of the normal form is made up of oil slinger of heat-resisting and oil proof synthetic rubber seal and special planning. The oil slinger is fixed on the side of inner circle, the oil slinger follows to operate when the bearing rotates, 3 at the oil slinger are protruding will take shape outsidely distinguished and admirably, prevent the external impurity dust from entering the bearing. UB 201UB 202UB 203UB 205UC204UC205UC206UC207UC208UC209UC210UC211UC212UC213UC214UC215UC216UC217UC218UC 305UC 306UC 307UC 308UC 309UC 310UC 311UC 312UC 313UC 314UC 315UC 316UC 317UC 318UC 319UC 320UC 321UC 322UC 324UC 326UC 328UE 201UE 202UE 203UE 204UE 205UE 206UE 207UEL 204UEL 205UEL 206NSK bring spherical bearing bring dustproof the intersection of protecting cover and the intersection of ball and bearing unit add dustproof protecting cover of special planning, make up by the intersection of normal form and the intersection of bearing and unit outside the. Both sides of bearing and outer cover are equipped with and sealed, so this kind of bearing can be in such as making powder machine, steel apparatus, casting the apparatus, impurity dust or liquid such as electroplating device, chemical industry equipment more severe environments, used in outdoor wind, blow, catch in the rain apparatus under the environment too in addition, process machinery, equiponderant commercial installation of trasportation equipment Cheng. Use the bearing the occasion of flushing of water, need to turn on the drain hole on the bottom of the dustproof protecting cover.

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