New group decision approach of ANP-BOCR for complex systems based on voting ranking

Traditional ANP-BOCR method(i.e., sub-networks of Analytic Network Process(ANP)are constructed from the viewpoints of Benefits, Opportunities, Costs and Risks(BOCR)merits, respectively. Then, the composite priorities of alternatives under BOCR are finally synthesized), is regarded as an effective approach to deal with the issues of complex systems. However, first, the complex relation between these elements lying different BOCR sub-networks is ignored in traditional ANP-BOCR method. Furthermore, when the priorities of alternatives are synthesized in ANP-BOCR, simple reductionism thinking cannot be avoided. Second, when group decisions are used, the method would lose some expert preference information, and all information of alternatives is asked to give. To overcome the aforementioned drawbacks, a new group decision method of ANP-BOCR is presented by using Data Envelopment Analysis(DEA)to vote ranking,based on a new ANP-BOCR analysis structure. In the new method, reductionism and holism thinking is well integrated.Also, information lossless is realized. Finally, the new method is validated to be feasible and can be widely applied in the real-world.