Neutron Personal Dosimeter Based on Three Silicon Detectors

A neutron personal dosimeter with energy resolution ability was developed.It consists of three silicon detectors,which are covered by 6LiF,polythene and boron plastic.This personal dosimeter has two calculation modes which are real-time mode and unfolding mode.Real-time mode divides the whole neutron energy range into three parts:Low energy,intermediate energy and fast neutron energy.Unfolding mode can deduce the fast neutron spectra.GEANT4 program was used to simulate the pulse height spectra of 7 MeV gamma ray,and the contribution to personal dose equivalent caused by gamma ray was subtracted.GEANT4 program was used to calculate the neutron personal dose equivalent response matrix of different energy.The personal dose equivalent response experiments were done in monoenergetic neutron field to calibrate the simulation,and deduce the real personal dose equivalent response matrix.