Multi-Loci Identifications on New Varieties(Lines) of Mungbean from China Agriculture Research System on Food Legume

To accelerate the promotion and application of 24 new varieties(lines)of mungbean,phenotypic evaluation were made in 20 loci in the year of 2016 and 2017.The results showed that the phenotypic variations of mungbean were obvious in different ecological zones.Plant height,number of branches per main stem,pods per plant and yield per plant showed wide genetic variances with the average coefficient of variation at 20%-40%,while the variances on seeds per pod,100-grain weight and growth period were fairly narrow with the average coefficient of variation lower than 20%.Jilü0816,JLPX02 and Pinlü2011-06 had the widest ecological adaptability.These three varieties can be applied in all the tested sites,while Sulü16-10 had the narrowest adaptability,and only can be planted in Nanjing and around.According to the phenotype and yield performance,varieties suitable for planting in different ecological areas were screened,laying a foundation for further demonstration and popularization of these varieties.