MR5211TV bearing a large number of imported bearings of Shanghai open Qi fine ten false

The bearing, it is a foundation of all machines, it is the vital products in the modern society; There is ” grain of mechanical industry ” Laudatory title,last product quality, the normal operations of apparatus. Open Qi’s bearing, the speciality serves industrial production, automobile accessories maintenance; Specialize in and import brands, assemble the classical bearing of various countries, concentrate comprehensive strength of every brand, offering technology service for users, the distributor constantly; Such knotty problems as lectotype, domestic and foreign brand exchanging, type specification of helping the customer to solve the bearing are substituted; Under the market economy situation in the new century, help enterprises to lower costs, offer the economic benefits, the carefree apparatus operates. The company stores a large number of stock stock, great variety of goods, thus guarantee high quality and reasonable price, supply in time. The company has younger, specialized sales-forces which masters bearing products, advanced computer management system, the complete service system after sale, market-based operation, rigorous company management system, has and established good cooperation relation with the numerous manufacturers in foreign countries. Guarantee source of goods fully, make it shorten not to hand in issue, for you in price, hand in on the one offering the valid guarantee! We, in line with ” with preferably quality, optimal price, the most quick speed, the preferably service ” The aim offers specialized services to you. The company deals in the brand-name and high-quality brand as follows:

Sweden: SKF





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