Measurement of Frictional Static Electricity Characteristics of RDX Mixing Technology

The friction between RDX and cylinder wall is simulated with the slope method and the chute is improved in this paper. And the frictional static electricity performance of aluminum powder is tested independently. The result indicates that in the identical temperature and humidity, RDX is negatively charged (4.5-13.5 nC/g), aluminum is positively charged(0.4- 4.4 nC/g). The quantity of static electricity and the quality of the medicine increased linearly. Making RDX through two kinds of funnel in different angles, the electrostatic accumulation is about 4.5-13.5 nC/g(steel plate), 4.9-11.8 nC/g(aluminum alloy). Skewing angle can make the increase of electrostatic accumulation, it is 60°-70°, and RDX electrostatic accumulation is the maximum.