Loneliness of Responsibility:Pain of Abnormality of Information Ethics in Big Data Era

It brings new challenges and pain to human society because of the problem of abnormality of information ethics in the era of big data.It is necessary for us to make a thorough study of the abnormality of information ethics and analyze the social causes behind it.At the moment,the essence of the abnormality of information ethics is the absence of social responsibility.Problems such as the proliferation of false information,cyber manhunt,cyber violence,digital divide,data pollution and infringement to privacy etc.all show the loneliness of responsibility.We need to construct a total responsibility-oriented information ethics framework,combining information ethics education,policy making and legal construction.We need to strengthen the information ethics education of the public,to enhance network security awareness,improve the network behavior legislation and to shape a perfect accountability mechanism.We should also advocate network self-discipline to create a lawful network environment,and promote civilization and order of network space in the era of big data.