Lenin's Analysis of Various Classes in Chinese Society During the Period of the 1911 Revolution and Its Significance

The outburst of 1911 revolution caused Lenin's high attention. According to the performance of various classes in Chinese society during the period of the 1911 Revolution, Lenin analysed the nature of each class and its role in the revolution. He pointed out that the party Sun Yat-Sen led was the democrat of Chinese bourgeoisie which could made historical progress in Asia. And the party Yuan Shikai led was the liberal of Chinese bourgeoisie which speculated the revolution and betrayed the republic. Peasants, the main pillars of the bourgeois democrat, were not been widely attracted to the revolution. The developing proletariat was the advanced class which could fight to the end and win in Chinese democratic revolution. And its party was not only to overcome the weakness of the party break away from the mass but also to critically absorb the revolutionary democratic kernel of the party Sun Yat-Sen led. So Lenin's scientific analysis had important enlightenment significance to the advance of Chinese revolution and the educational practice of mass line of Chinese Communist Party in contemporary.