Kazakhstan and China 6208 bearings offer

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The ball bearing of major groove of advantage has a representative antifriction bearing most, have wide use range. Suitable for the operation of the even extremely high rotational speed of the high rotational speed, and very durable, do not need to safeguard frequently. The coefficient of friction of this kind of bearing is small, the terminal rotational speed is high, simple in construction, make low cost, it is apt to reach the great to make precision. Dimensional range and form change variously, apply to trades such as accurate instrument, electrical machinery, car, motorcycle and general machinery with low noise,etc., use the most extensive kind of bearing in the mechanical industry. Mainly bear radial load, can also bear a certain amount of axial load.

Keep bearing, coat with right amount of rust-preventive oil and use, antirust wrapper when being dispatched from the factory, so long as this packaging is not destroyed, the quality of the bearing will get the assurance. But while preserving for a long time, draft it on condition that the humidity is lower than 65%, the temperature is about 20 ¡æ, leave it in the shelf higher than the ground 30cm. In addition, keeping the place should avoid penetrating the sunshine directly or touching with the cold wall.

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