Japan IKO straight line leads the blue type lower side of rail MH45 precision machine tool usage to install

Tianjin prosperous abundant good Co., Ltd., bearing of Germany, establish on 2009, it is at the beginning of for Company to establish, orientate as how to help factory enterprises to purchase, pay attention to saving money for factory enterprises – -Lower costs to serve, in order to reach mutually beneficially, the purpose to win together. We stock up from the source directly, guarantee quality of the products as well as save the price differential of a lot of intermediate traders in products which the customer needs, make the customer maximum and save the time and cost. Well-regarded so far, approved by numerous factory customers.

The company is established so far, centered in Capital,Beijing, radiate North China, the Northeast, areas such as the southwest,etc.. Group contains the robot in the customer, fields such as the automatic industry, food machinery, fabrics machine, printing machinery, car, vessel, engineering machinery, steel, numerical control lathe, power plant, chemical industry,etc..

With the pluralism of the demand of customer’s colony, the products that the company sells prone to the diversification too. Including importing the bearing, the domestic bearing, the related tool of bearing, stainless steel sculpturing bearing, the bearing of the rolling mill, moderating machine, shaft coupling, straight line guide, ball guide screw, oil seal, industrial belt, oil.

Sell the products brand with prosperous abundant good bearing of Germany

Bearing products include: Swedish SKF bearing; Germany FAG/INA bearing; Japan NSK, NTN bearing; U.S.A. TIMKEN bearing; The intersection of subdivision and bearing, COOPER of Britain, domestic Lip river of Kazakhstan tile bearing.

Moderating machines include: Germany FLENDER, SEW, Japan SUMITOMO Sumitomo, domestic moderating machine, Third Ring Road decelerator.

The oil-sealed type includes: The intersection of SKF and oil seal, CR of brand, the intersection of Taiwan and NAK, the intersection of TTO and oil seal, 26 type the intersection of power plant and the intersection of machine for rubbing coal and specialized oil seal, TIMEN of U.S.A..

Guide guide screws: Germany STAR, INA, Japan NSK, THK, Taiwan HIWIN.

Company’s characteristic

( 1) Take the place of guest’s stock: Cooperate with user’s production schedule, our company sets up stock for you.

( 2) Supply in time: Offered at that time / sent to supplying and serving in time on the next day.

( 3) Quality is guaranteed: Product quality is guaranteed by the international quality authentication system.

( 4) Information service: Offer the information of the bearing of various fields, assist users to design and install, help users to look for the type different to solve.

Prosperous abundant good Germany bearing Co., Ltd. of Tianjin

Tel.: 022-27686212

Fax: 022-27651268

QQ: 494620898

Mobile: 13820034111

Tianjin Nankai area room 307, Building 3 55 of No. of Miyun

The name of product: Japan IKO straight line leads the blue type lower side of rail MH45 precision machine tool usage and installs the new type: MH45 bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Guide

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