Investigation on Equilibrium Cycle Fuel Management Strategy of Hualong One

Core fuel management which is of great importance to insure the safety and economics of the nuclear power plant will give the optimal loading patterns of initial and reloading core.During life of nuclear power plant,there are initial cycle,transition cycle and equilibrium cycle.The equilibrium cycle which is repetitive sequence under ideal condition is generally considered as the optimal loading pattern having the best performance parameter and the target operation cycle for fuel managers.A fuel management strategy using assemblies of two enrichments was introduced,and plenty of multicycle fuel management schemes which determine the fresh fuel composition and placement were searched and calculated based on the nuclear power plant of Hualong One.It is shown that the typical parameters including cycle length,nuclear enthalpy rise factor,moderator temperature coefficient,shutdown margin and assembly discharge burnup meet the design criteria.The ratio of the assembly average discharge burnup and the assembly burnup limit is about 0.92 approaching the advanced world level(such as AP1000 and EPR),which improves the economics of the nuclear power plant.