Investigation and Analysis of Core Values of Art College Students in the New Era

According to the survey,it is found that art college students in the new era have a high awareness of the socialist core values and that their minds are positive and accord with the mainstream.They agree with the core values of socialism,stick to the right political position,and have good moral cognitions. At the same time,the survey results also reflect some problems existing in the core values of art college students,and their cognition and practice of core values need to be deepened. This is closely related to the characteristics of art college students,to the education of core values of colleges and universities,and to the society. It is necessary to follow the law of development of art college students,to innovate education and teaching mode,to integrate new media and new technology into each other,to enhance the affinity,attraction,sense of era,and pertinence of core values education. By doing so,the effectiveness of education of core values can be improved.