Interfacial Heat Transfer Model of Twin-Roll Strip Casting Molten Pool Based on Kiss Point Position

Aimed at the heat transfer law of the molten pool interface in twin-roll strip casting process, the contact region between the molten pool was distinguished into two parts´╝Ü soft contact zone and the rigid contact zone with the border of Kiss point, based on the characteristics of casting process, the new interface heat transfer model was established. The change of heat transfer coefficient and heat flux of the cast rolling interface with time was derived by the 6061 Al alloy interface heat exchange experiments and the reverse solution module inverse of Pro CAST software, the accuracy of the model was verified by casting rolling experiment. The results show that the distribution of interfacial heat transfer in the molten pool was related to the casting speed, casting temperature, the position of Kiss point, the thermal physical parameters of the material and the roughness of the roll surface.