Intelligent hoist system of the medical treatment and pharmacy

The intelligent hoist system of the medical treatment and pharmacy, the sinker loop machine of clean room is one kind of inner hoist apparatuses of factory building of clean room, according to the magnitude of factory building under the environment of clean room, design the clean room to drive a vehicle, the RUNNING orbit that the boat of clean room hangs, guarantee the normal operation work of the hoist of clean room.
Clean room foundation of pollution control, have clean room, pollute sensitive part, produce in batches while being impossible. The clean room is defined as possessing air filtering, assigns, optimizes, the structure material and room of the device, the operating procedure of the particular rule, in order to control the air aerosol density among them, thus reach the appropriate cleanliness rank of particle. The hoist of dust free room is essential under a clean room environment the supplies lacked promote tools.
Clean room sinker loop machine ( Hoist of clean room) Widely used:
( 1) , it is applied to drive a vehicle the industrial clean room.
The air dust particle of major control, to the pollution of the job target, inside generally keeps the positive pressure state. It suitable for accurate mechanical industry, electronics industry ‘ Semiconductor, integrated circuit,etc.) Aerospace industry, highly purified chemical industry, the intersection of atomic energy and industry, disc product industry ‘ The CD, film, tape are produced) LCD (the glass of liquid crystal) , computer hard disk, computer magnetic head produce etc. many trades.

( 2) The boat of biological clean room hangs application, there are life particles (bacterium) in major control With the dead particle ‘ Dust) Pollution of the job target. Can be divided into; A, general biological clean room, major control microbe (bacterium) The target’s pollution. If its internal material can be kill the bacteria suspension and corrode by various at the same time, inside generally guarantees the positive pressure. If actually its internal material can stand various industrial clean rooms dealt with in sterilization. Example: Pharmaceutical industry, hospital ( Operating room, aseptic ward) Food, cosmetics, beverage production, animal lab., physical and chemical test room, blood station,etc.. Microbiology lab
Microbiology lab

B, biology safe clean room: Main control work target has pollution of external world and people of life particle. Inside should keep the negative pressure with the atmosphere. Example: Bacteriology, biology, clean operating lab, thing thing project ( Recombination gene, vaccine are prepared)

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