Import the rolling bearing Original packaging bearing

The details of the products: The pole of spiral shell of our factory refrigerates the compressor adopts high quality to import the rolling bearing original packagingly, used in axial localization and radial of the aircraft nose rotor to support, the rotor makes a reservation accurately, the journal has not been abraded.

Military to refrigerate while being cold Hangzhou Co., Ltd. sell and maintain the intersection of Dalian and Iceberg Group, refrigerate apparatus and accessory equipment.

Sell the compressor aircraft nose of the military cold spiral shell’s pole, cold compressor aircraft nose of frozen mechanism of Dalian, SKF bearing, filter the network, shaft coupling, reversing valve, negative and positive rotor, machinery is sealed, Japan NSK bearing, oil pump, internal and external adjustment washers, electromagnetic valve, pigeonhole the intersection of difference and controller, the intersection of pressure and sensor, spiral tube, adjust washer, overcast the intersection of rotor and bushing, open the intersection of rotor and bushing,etc. refrigerate fittings and maintenance refrigerate compressor

Sell BAC evaporating packing of condenser, bushing, belt pulley, belt, bearing, serpentine, breakwater, air blower,etc. CXV series evaporating condenser fittings and maintenance.

The name of product: Import the rolling bearing Original packaging bearing New type: SKF old type: SKF internal diameter: 72( mm) External diameter: 156( mm) Thickness: 4.9( mm) Bearing material: Become rusty bearing steel AISI440(9Cr18) Use: Thrust ball bearing bear ability of axial force, contact ball bearing loud a lot than horn ‘ It is about twice) . The bearing precision that the angle of thrust is exposed to the ball has a lot more high precision than thrust ball bearing, but there is high a lot rotational speed born, can serve as main shaft bearing. Type: The angle of thrust contacts the ball bearing

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