Import the bearing CRWU6055 IKO bearing in Jinan

Old type: LB 122232 AJ
Type: Rectilinear motion bearing
Internal diameter: 12( mm)
External diameter: 22( mm)
Thickness: 32( mm)
Weight: 2.3( kg)
Keep shelf and material: V installs and rolls the body all overly ‘ Have not kept the shelf)
Application characteristic: Other
Use: Common
Roll the body and list to count: Many rows
Way of rolling type: Way of rolling of the straight line
The sample or stock: Stock
Bearing material: High-carbon a chromium bearing steel ‘ Quench completely type completely) (GCr15)

Because the straight line bearing bears the weight of the ball to present and click and contact with the axle, so it is small to use the load. The steel ball is rotated with minimum friction resistance, thus can obtain the steady sports of high precision.
The plastic straight line bearing is a kind of rectilinear motion system from the lubricated characteristic, it and bearing greatest difference of metal straight line is that the metal straight line bearing is the rolling friction, the bearing, with clicking and keeping in touch between the round axes of a cylinder, so this kind is suitable for the high-speed sports of low load; And plastic straight line sliding friction in bearing, bearing with whether piece keep in touch between the round axis of a cylinder, so move at a low speed in this kind is suitable to be high-loaded.

The straight line bearing is to cooperate and use with quenching the drive shaft of the straight line. Do the system of limitless rectilinear motion. The intersection of load and ball and it quenches drive shafts to be because to order, keep in touch, allowable load relatively little, but at the time of rectilinear motion, it is minimum to rub resistance, the precision is high, sports are swift.
Plastic straight line bearing

Plastic straight line bearing
The plastic straight line bearing bearing cooperates with the axle not to have special requirement; Can bear the load larger than the metal bearing, but because the sports between bearing and axle are the sliding friction, so the plastic straight line bearing movement speed is limited by suring; Movement resistance is greater than the metal straight line bearing; There are low than in straight line bearings metal movement noise on but its,especially in in in under high-speed situation, the plastic straight line bearing noise influences with the speed very small. The plastic straight line bearing arranges the bits trough to design because of its inside, allow to use in dust greater occasion, dust take out of the body of bearing and rub the surface in ranking the bits troughs automatically in sport; The plastic straight line bearing is still allowed to wash in the course of using, the inside that the special material makes into slips the membrane and can even be used and run in the liquid for a long time.

Divide according to the shape:
1: Straight tube type (shape such as drum, use the intersection of card and the intersection of reed and installation generally, use for, install the intersection of size and relatively little occasion)
2: Flange type (install the flange in tip or the middle, can install with the screw, the flange generally divides the round, square and cutting edge three kinds)
3: Opening type (shape such as straight tube, appearance is cut and sewn axially, the occasion used for needing the interval to adjust, divide opening one’s mouth widely and 2 kinds of small openings)

Divide according to performance:
1: General type ( Use of the general performance demand)
2: Super type ‘ The occasions of long-life and great load performance demand)

It is applied to the electronic apparatus that the straight line bearing quilt is increasingly extensive, food machinery, package packing machine, medical machinery, printing machinery, fabrics machine, machinery, instrument, robot, tool machinery, numerical control lathe, car and digitized three-dimensional coordinate measure in accurate apparatus or special mechanical trades such as the apparatus,etc..

In the the intersection of straight line and the intersection of bearing and person who adjust, bearing of opening one’s mouth etc. and external diameter measured in front of the edge trimming, there is some elasticity out of shape after the edge trimming, cooperating with the backlash should be packed into the bearing seat and measured (steel keepers bearing, KH bearing situation are similar) . The adjustable bearing stand of the backlash should regulate the direction with the bearing edge trimming direction vertically in order to guarantee the backlash is even, the structural characteristic of the straight line bearing can’t rotate sports, demand to have good direction nature at the same time, so straight line bearing it adds long bearings to be whether an association use with two axle four bearing or two axle two generally, two axles are installed strought, can install the actuator if it must be flexible and fluent to push and draw with hands after making up and assembling entirely, transmission power should overcome the bearing and rub resistance enough, the straight line bearing rubs resistance and is similar to 1бы of the working loads.

The maintenance of the metal straight line bearing: Lubricate and grit: Within the straight line bearing? ? Enter anti-corrosive oil, if lubricate with oil, first with kerosene or organic to dissolve and help to drive the anti-corrosive oil out, add lubricating grease after air-drying. (propose, use viscous mark lithium soap lubricating grease of N0.2.) If while lubricating with the oil, needn’t remove the anti-corrosive oil and can select the lubricating oil of the grade VG15-100 of ISO viscosity for use according to the temperature change. The axle was lubricated and can not have been given from the feed pipe, or the oil hole on the exterior bearing seat has given oil. Because the sealed circle will wipe the lubricating oil off, the oil can not lubricate applicably the strip without hole.

The maintenance of the plastic straight line bearing: Because the sliding membrane inside the plastic straight line bearing is adopting and is made lubricating the plastics, so it does not need to offer the oil and safeguard extraly in the course of using; And because the plastic straight line bearing arranges the bits trough, even if packing the dust does not need to maintain either on the bearing or axle, the dust will be taken out of automatically arranging the bits trough in sport; Adopt and change the internal sliding membrane directly only after slipping the membrane to abrade and fail; It is very convenient to safeguard.

The name of product: Import the bearing in Jinan, the new type of CRWU60-55 IKO bearing: CRWU60-55 old type: CRWU60-55 internal diameter: 50( mm) External diameter: 60( mm) Thickness: 55( mm) Weight: 0.58( kg) Bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Magneto Type: Exterior sphere bearing

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