Import the bearing 6208, 6209, 6210, 6211, 6212, 6213

Company’s profile: The source MYk in Fujian Fujian is a professional factory producing other spherical bearing. 970 high temperature resistant bearings, the products are used mainly in, agricultural machinery, textile, woodworking machinery, the air blower,etc., it is good and flat for the masses of users deeply of the products. Must in conformity with the guest, agent of our company, every large domestic and foreign producer bearing. The bearing variety that the company mainly offers is as follows, the ball bearing of major groove, exterior spherical bearing, led spherical bearing and all kinds of nonstandard bearings outside one. Apply to the electrical home appliances extensively, work in fields such as automation equipment, car, various accurate electrical machinery, engineering machinery equipping, large-scale accurate rotatory machinery, precision machine tool, instrument, medical equipment,etc.. The products export to 32 countries and regions in the world, has established extensive long-term cooperation relation with the customer. Fujian the intersection of Fujian and the intersection of source and MYk establish on 2000, lie plain under Ji! The bearing which has accumulated decades specializes in the experience, have developing independently, production and management ability. Have batch outstanding personnel with great quality-mind and engineering level, there are complete fabrication facilities, quality detection means, mature manufacture process, rigorous production process management and all azimuthal after services of completion. Enterprises have already obtained ” product certification certificate ” issued in CA of China’s quality, ” measuring the qualified confirmation ” and GB/T19001 which municipal Administration of Auality and Technical Supervision issues: 2008 – ISO 9001:2008 ” the management system of quality authorize the certificate “. The registered brand bearing of the products is with the sincere, letter, tight, hardworking, precise as spirit, rigorous and accurate one that is modernized science and technology traditional to contain, show loving care for organic to combine with China. Offer high-quality products and service to customer, let customers obtain the most benefit in the cooperation with us, let all suppliers win the best development and completion of quality system. We think all the time the spherical bearing is one of your preferably cooperation outside the source MYK in Fujian!
Welcome the masses of user’s incoming telegrams to arrange with light business. Telephone number 15632960777 is the same as Little letter

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