Import a false a compensation ten of original packaging normal product of NSK bearing B33Z15UR nonstandard change-speed gear box bearing in Handan

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Taper roller bearing Used mainly for bearing radial and axial union load relying mainly on radial load. Compared with the situation that the angle contacts the ball bearing, bearing capacity is large, the terminal rotational speed is low. The taper roller bearing can bear the axial load of a direction, can limit the axial displacement of a direction of axle or outer cover.
The taper roller bearing mainly bears the foot-path relying mainly on radial, axial union load. The bearing bearing capacity depends on the ball track angle of the outer lane, the greater the angle is, the greater the bearing capacity is. This kind of bearing belongs to the separate type bearing, is divided into uniline, biserial and four tapers roller bearing according to the column number of rolling element in the bearing. The taper roller bearing backlash of uniline needs users to adjust during installation; The biserial and four tapers roller bearing backlash have already accorded with users to demand to give when the products are dispatched from the factory, need user adjustment. Handing in on the shaft axis of bearing and some after the design of the taper roller should make the contact lines of roller and internal and external ball tracks lengthen, in order to realize purely that rolls.
The taper roller bearing designed newly adopts the structure of strenghthened type, the roller diameter is strengthened, the length lengthening of the roller, the roller number increases, adopt and take the convexity roller, make bearing capacity and fatigue life of the bearing improve notably. Roller ends large and it is large it block between adopt by sphere and awl surface contact,it is lubricate to improve.
Taper roller bearing It is a separate type bearing ,The inner, outer lane of the bearing has a ball track of toper. This kind of bearing is divided into different structure patterns such as uniline, biserial and four tapers roller bearing according to the column number of the roller installed. The uniline taper roller bearing can bear radial load and single direction axial load. When the bearing bears radial load, will produce an axial component force, so is balanced as needing another bearing very bearing axial force of the negative direction to come
The taper roller bearing means the rolling element is the radial thrust type antifriction bearing of the taper roller. There are two kinds small apex of cone and large apex of cone. The small apex of cone mainly bears radial and axial union load relying mainly on radial load, it is used that often pairwise, install backward, internal and external base rings can be installed respectively, adjustable radial and axial backlash in installing and using; The large apex of cone mainly bears the axial relying mainly on axial load and unites the load with the radial, is it pure without being born to used for by axial load seldom alone,it regard as to disposing(end install relatively) Can be used to bear the pure radial load hour.

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