IKO high-temperature bearing invalid reason and preventive measure

After the high-temperature bearing is installed, in order to check whether it is correct to install, need to operate and check. Small-scale machinery can be rotated by hand, in order to confirm that it is smooth to rotate. It is not smooth to have operation incurred because of foreign matter, scar, impression to check the project, because it is bad to install, the mount pad is processed badly but the force moment of production is unstable, the force moment caused because the backlash passes little, installation error, sealed friction is too big,etc.. Have unusual can power turn round at the beginning.

Motive force operates, begin with low speed of idler, the amount to the condition made of improvement slowly operates. It checks items to be that have unusual stereo, the intersection of IKO and the intersection of bearing and change, leakage or allochromasis of lubricant of temperature,etc. in the trial run. If find abnormality, should suspend operating immediately, check machinery, should pull down the high-temperature bearing inspection if necessary.

1,Assemble the prevention of foreign matter: Scale specking that produce enter inside the bearing when IKO while putting into the trochanter and doing the running balancing very easy running balancing in bearing, do the running balancing in front of so preferably install the bearing. Some producers are convenient in order to assemble, spread some oil or oil in the indoor of bearing and provide lubricated results while assembling, but often very difficult flow control well operating personnel, if oil or oil trap more in the intersection of bearing and indoor, it is very easy to enter within the high-temperature bearing along the axle when the bearing rotates. The bearing room does not preferably lute or oil, is trapped in the indoor of bearing unless can’t be controlled to scribble.

2,The rusty prevention of paint: The intersection of paint and rusty characteristic to occur frequently sealed type electrical machinery, electrical machinery during assembly sound very kind, after but put some time in the warehouse, what the electrical machinery changes differently and loudly is very big, the phenomenon of pulling down IKO bearing and getting rusty seriously. With before a lot of producer will regarded as the issues of bearing,through propagandas constant of us, it is known to the question that mainly has been the electrical insulating varnish that the electrical machinery plant has been already careful now. Question this because electrical insulating varnish volatilize acid material that come out form the caustic material at certain temperature, humidity mainly, cause the high-temperature bearing failure after corroding the bearing channel. This question can only be to select the electrical insulating varnish made good use of at present, and ventilate after the stoving for some time, assemble.

3,The choices and controlling of axle and bearing room public errand: The bearing should rotate the flexible fluent sense after pressing in the bearing. If can not obviously rotate flexibly, the size showing the axle is too large, the public errand should be reduced. It is obvious if IKO bearing rotates by hand after pressing in the axle to have ” Rustle ” The sense, may be a public errand in the axis is too large or the circular degree of the axle is not good. So will control the good circular degree while controlling good axle and public errand of bearing room, a lot of producers in China control only the public errand at present, do not control the circular degree.

4,Bearing assembly way: Because the bearing is the high-accuracy products, it is improper and very easy to cause damaging to IKO bearing channel such as assembling, cause the high-temperature bearing failure. Bearing during assembly should have dedicated mould, can’t beat at will, can only ringlet is forced while pressing in the axle, can only press great circle the great circle is forced. Demand, adopt atmospheric pressure or hydraulic pressure assemble, feel, take outside on level condition from head to foot during pressure mounting, because forced and damaged it will cause the bearing channel if slope, and make the bearing sound.

The life-span of the high-temperature bearing is with making, assembling, using the closely linked one, must do in each link well, could make IKO bearing in the optimal running condition, thus lengthen the life time of the bearing.

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