HZB Sino-Kazakhstan bearing 32911

The brief introduction of HZB Sino-Kazakhstan bearing 32911:

HZB Sino-Kazakhstan 32911 bearing belong to bearing of separating etc., have conical inner circle with outer lane get away dish, simple in construction, easy to use.

The parameter of HZB Sino-Kazakhstan bearing 32911: New type: 32911 internal diameters: 55; External diameter: Thickness 80: Weight 17: 0.262 brands: HZB, the Sino-Kazakhstan series in Harbin: Taper roll sub bearing, want more Sino-Kazakhstan relevant information of bearing 32911, HZB of understanding, can consult or dial the hot line telephone online, we will serve you in detail.

The son’s row counts and is divided into the uniline, a pair of listing and four tapers different structure patterns such as sub bearing of rolling according to holding and rolling.

Uniline taper roll sub bearing whether taper roll consumption under sub bearing to be most many, uniline taper roll sub bearing can bear the intersection of radial and load and single the intersection of direction and axial load.

Pair list taper, roll sub outer lane of bearing ‘ Or inner circle) It is a whole. Liang piece inner circle ( Or outer lane) Small terminal surface close, the middle have separate, enclose, backlash by come on, change through thickness that is enclose, can also with come, adjust through thickness that enclose pair list taper, roll to pass, full of in advance sub bearing.

Four taper roll sub bearing, the performance and pair of bearing list taper roll sub bearing basically same, list than pair taper roll sub the intersection of bearing and radial load that bear to be larger, the terminal rotational speed is slightly low, used mainly in heavy-duty machinery.

The range of application of HZB Sino-Kazakhstan bearing 32911:

HZB Sino-Kazakhstan bearing 32911 applied to the steel, electricity, mechanical equipment, textile, packaging, medical treatment, metallurgy, mine, petroleum, electricity, papermaking, fields such as the electronic computer, water and electricity water conservancy, project, railway, car, office equipment, instrument and apparatus, car electrical machinery, electrical machinery, sports apparatus, precision type instrument,etc..

Using attentive matters of HZB Sino-Kazakhstan bearing 32911:

1,Keep the cleaning of bearing and peripheral working environment.

2,Use appropriate installation, dismantlement tool

3,Bearing receive strong impact in not using, will make bearing appear scar, compression, even will make bearing rupture, lead to the fact the bearing to be damaged too early under the serious situation.

4,Pay attention to the antirusting of the bearing, the bearing should avoid using in the moist place. Should wear and antirust gloves while contacting the bearing.

The name of product: HZB Sino-Kazakhstan bearing 32911 New type: 32911 old types: 2007911E internal diameter: 55( mm) External diameter: 80( mm) Thickness: 17( mm) Weight: 0.262( kg) Use: The sub bearing is usually separating type that the taper rolls, is carried and rolled the something small and hard and keeps the taper inner circle assembly of inner circle composition of a assembly being all right with the outer lane of the taper (outer lane) Install separately; The taper rolls the sub bearing is used in trades such as the car, rolling mill, mine, metallurgy, plastic machinery,etc. extensively. Type: Sub bearing of the taper roller

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