HXD car needle bearing NB102

Changzhou great XingDa bearing Co., Ltd. specializes in the needle bearing of all kinds of cars, truck bearing, the automobile-used needle bearing of motor, the excavator uses the needle bearing, the nonstandard bearing, the bearing in half a month, the type is up to a thousand kinds. The factory lies in industrialized country of 5 kilometers in the Wujin area of Changzhou, 200,000 sets of monthly output per month, the products all adopt the standard of the enterprises of the international standard and famous company of the people of the same trade at home and abroad to produce, with development of technology and the progressing greatly of the craft, we not merely have advantages in price in regular products, more perfect on quality, we produce the market demand of meeting different customers especially according to drawing and sample at the same time.

Type / OE number that the exclusive car bearing that our factory is producing at present corresponds to, some are as follows:
DBF68933, NE68934, NE70214,DB70216, DB47937EE,DB69899E,
DB69902,DB70911,DB47260EE,DBF70018, DBF70171,DBF70217
DBF70697,LB07,DB69516EE, DB689518EED,5035.08,5035.05
HK5525,2RS IR53553 ,,HK series cars such as 2RS IR535538, HK4721-RS, BK4724,etc. use the needle bearing.

Great XingDa bearing Co., Ltd. of Changzhou

Main products:

1.Car needle bearing

2.Automobile-used needle bearing of truck

3.The dilatory locomotive uses the needle bearing

4.Automobile-used needle bearing of motorcycle

5.Press the needle bearing of the outer lane ‘ Tip needle) : F, FH, 941/, 942/, 943/, B, BH, DL, JL

6.Press the needle bearing of the outer lane (truncate needle) : SN, HN, CSN

7.Press the needle bearing of the outer lane: HK, SCE, HMK, TA

8.The needle bearing of one set of circles of entity: NA, NK, NAV, NCS, BR, HJ

9.Get away stitch and keep a assembly to heart: K, K …ZW

10.Nylon keeps a assembly


The name of product: Supply HXD car needle bearing NB-102 New type: NB-102 old type: NB-102 bearing material: High-carbon chromium bearing steel (quench completely type completely) (GCr15) Use: Common Type: Car bearing

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