How to examine SKF to import bearing lubricating grease and go bad

The oil used in the bearing must have result of antirusting, rust inhibitor can be insoluble in water. The oil should have good adhesion, and can form a layer of oil films on the surface of steel products, the oil will be softened when machinery is processed, result in revealing. At the time of normal running, the oil will be got rid of from bearing stand in the bearing. If mechanical stability of the oil is not enough, operate in the course, will make the structure of the soap of the oil produce machinery disintegration, cause the oil to be destroyed, thus lose lubricated function, if the mistake chooses all of oil to prevent the measure of the bearing is futile, choose a kind of oil, it is very important that the oil viscosity of its base can offer enough lubricated results at the working temperature, the viscosity is mainly influenced by temperature, it drops with rising of the temperature, it is that it rises to drop at the temperature. So, must know the oil viscosity of base in the working temperature. The mechanical manufacturers will all usually appoint to use a certain oil, but most applicable ranges of standard lubricating grease are very wide.

In the course of using SKF to import the bearing, lubricating grease is very key. If, have used rotten lubricating grease, not merely ineffectual, leaving will also damage SKF and import the bearing.

The oil flows and observes the law

Fetch two graduated cups, one of them holds the lubricating oil remained to check, it is put on the tabletop that another one is empty, lift high to leave 30-40 of tabletop and slope and let the lubricating oil run to the empty cup slowly filling graduated cupping of lubricating oil with, observe its situation of flowing, the lubricating oil oil of high quality should be slender while flowing, evenly, incessantly, it is fast slow sometimes if the oil appears to flow sometimes, sometimes there is a block that flows, say the lubricating oil has already gone bad.

Hands rotate the law

Rotate the lubricating oil between thumb and forefinger and grind repeatedly, better lubricating oil hands feel that there is lubricating nature, rub the bits few and not rubing, if feel greater friction senses such as sand one between the finger,etc., show the lubricating oil inner impurity more, can’t use any more, should change the new lubricating oil.

Illumination law

On fine day, provoke the lubricating oil with the screwdriver, meet at an angle of 45 degrees with the horizontal plane. Contrast sunshine, observe oil, drip situation, under illumination, can see in the lubricating oil rubing the bits as good clear, can continue function, if rub too many bits, should change the lubricating oil.

Oil law of dripping the trace

Fetch a clean white filter paper, drip the oil to count and drip on filter paper, after treating the seepage of lubricating oil, if there is black powder on the surface, touch and hinder astringent senses with hands, prove the impurity has been already numerous inside the lubricating oil, good lubricating oil have powder, feel, be but not smooth with hand, yellow trace.

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