High-precision attitude control method based on MSCMG for large-scale remote sensing satellite

Focusing on the complexity and precision problem of the feed forward and closed-loop feed backward system of large-torque flywheels, a high-precision attitude control method based on magnetically suspended control moment gyros (MSCMG) is proposed for large-scale remote sensing satellite. The MSCMG is used as actuator mechanism of the control system and applied into the camera movement com- pensation system of remote sensing satellite. Based on the control law design of variable-structure feedback compensation, a novel motion compensation control system is established to reduce the coupling between the camera and the platform. The characteristics of the MSCMG, such as large torque, small inverse excitation and high precision, are analyzed and applied into the motion compensation control system of the ground remote sensing imaging camera. Simulation results show that, compared with the traditional flywheel feed forward compensation, the platform stability by the proposed MSCMG-based method is increased by an order of magnitude, and the attitude stability as well as the image quality is effectively improved. The research results can be used as references for the development of the very high precision satellite attitude control and the payload movement compensation.