High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Detection of Avermectin Residues in Milk

To establish an effective method for determining the avermectin residues in milk,the content of avermectin residues was determined by high performance liquid chromatography(HPLC) in the test.The mobile phase was V(methanol):V(water) =90:10,365 nm was chose as the excited wave length,475 nm was chose as the emitted wave length,and the flow rate was 1.0 m L/min.The results showed that avermectin could be completely separated within 15 min,and the linear range was 2.0 to 500.0 μg/L and the correlation coefficient was 0.9998.The average recoveries of avermectin in milk was 102.0% ~ 104.7%.The relative standard deviation was about 2.8% ~ 3.9%.The results indicate that the method is simple,sensitive and accurate,and it is suitable for determining avermectin residues in milk,and can meet domestic and foreign requirements for detection.