High-accuracy grade of ball bearing of 53426 thrust

The brief introduction of high-accuracy grade of ball bearing of 53426 thrust:

53426 the intersection of thrust and the intersection of ball bearing and high-accuracy grade circle, one axle enclose and one keep sets of the intersection of thrust and assembly and ball make up by one the intersection of bearing and flat. The bearing can be in order to separate the structure, so it is simple to install, because the ball and keeps a assembly can be installed with the washer separatelied. Also there is bearing smaller relatively, one is that seat circle of the bearing takes a flat base cushion, another kind is the seatpad shape of sphere. It is with stand circle of sphere bearing can use together with sphere seatpad,in order to compensating by bearing flat and between the supporting surfaces of axle in being incorrect.
By a bearing seat, a shaft, a ring and cage thrust components and spheres. Bearings can be separated from the structure, so the installation is simple, because the ball and the gasket and the holder can be installed separately. There is also the small size of the bearing is a bearing ring, with a flat seat, a spherical seat shape. Bearing with spherical seat can be used in conjunction with spherical seat, to compensation for bearing seat and shaft bearing surface between the wrong.
The high-accuracy grade parameter of ball bearing of 53426 thrust: New type: 53426 internal diameters: 130 external diameters: Thickness 270: 115.2 Weight: -Brand: HZB, the Sino-Kazakhstan series in Harbin: Thrust ball bearing, want the relevant information of more high-accuracy grades of ball bearing of 53426 thrust of understanding, can consult or dial the hot line telephone online, we will serve you in detail.

The name of product: High-accuracy grade of ball bearing of 53426 thrust New type: 53426 old types: 28426 internal diameters: 130( mm) External diameter: 270( mm) Thickness: 115.2( mm) Weight: -( kg) Use: On suitable for bearing one side axial load, parts lower in rotational speeding, such as hoist cliver, vertical water pump, vertical centrifuge, jack, low-speed decelerator,etc.. The circles of axle circle, seat and rolling the body of the bearing are separation, can hold and dismantle respectively. Type: Thrust ball bearing

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