Harbin HRB bearing

30222 bearings mainly bear the foot-path relying mainly on radial, axial union load. The bearing bearing capacity depends on the rolling in an angling of the outer lane, the greater the angle is, the greater the bearing capacity is. This kind of bearing belongs to the separating bearing, according to rolling in the bearinghttp://c.zcwz.com/show.asp? id =The row of 197 body counts and is divided into the uniline, a pair of listing and four tapers to roll a sub bearing. Uniline’s taper rolls the backlash of the sub bearing needs users to adjust during installation; Pair was listed and backlash of the sub bearing of rolling of four tapers has already been given definitely according to user’s requirement when the products are dispatched from the factory, user need adjust not.

30222 taper roll sub bearing have conical inner circle with outer lane get away dish, the taper rolls the son arranges between the two. All the intersection of taper and the intersection of projection and line of surface meet with any in the intersection of bearing and axis. The design make taper roll sub bearing very much suit bearing compounding ‘ Radial and axial) Load. The axial load ability of the bearing is determined by the fact that exposed to the angle ¦Á mostly; The bigger angle of ¦Á is, the higher axial load ability is. The angle size is by calculating the coefficient e expresses; The larger e value is, it is the bigger to exposed to the angle, the greater the applicability that the bearing bears axial load is.
Taper roll sub bearing belong to person who separate usually, bring up, roll son and keep sets of the intersection of taper and the intersection of inner circle and the intersection of assembly and permitted and taper outer lane (outer lane) that inner circle make up of assembly Install separately.

30222 tapers roll the sub bearing is used in trades such as the car, rolling mill, mine, metallurgy, plastic machinery,etc. extensively.

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The name of product: Harbin HRB bearing New type: 30222 old types: 7222E internal diameter: 110( mm) External diameter: 200( mm) Weight: 5.21( kg) Type:

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