From Decentralization to Centralization:A Preliminary Study on the Organizational Work in the Research of B-type Metal Ultrafiltration Membrane Used for Enriching Uranium

The B-type metal ultrafiltration membrane was the earliest production which was used for the gaseous diffusion process in Chinese nuclear industry many years ago.During the development of this component,the management organization of the project has undergone several changes.Initially,many institutes were separated from each other.At the end of 1961,in order to develop qualified products as soon as possible,all institutes cooperated with each other and jointly tackled the problems,and the researchers were concentrated in the Powder Metallurgy Laboratory which belongs to the Iron and Steel Research Institute(‘ISRI’).All levels of the communist of China party group played a leadership role,and formed the organization management system which led by Party Group of China’s Communist Metallurgical Industry,the Party Group of China’s Communist ISRI and the Party Group of China’s Communist Powder Metallurgy Laboratory.At the same time,with the promotion of scientific research task,researchers have gradually developed the“core group”responsibility system in the lab.This organization method and management system play important roles in the successful development of the B-type metal ultrafiltration membrane.