Formate the slabstone and import and formate the slabstone to offer

The products are described: We are that high temperature resistant professional design, processing, sale formate the stone jig, company that manage having, tray.
Sum up: Carbon fibreboard (formate the stone) It is a kind of composite material made by resin of glass fibre and high machine intensity, the color is black.
Performance: -It can reach 350 to 400 degrees C to operate the temperature. -It is out of shape and small. -Size stability is good. -High temperature resistant. -Resist chemistry to corrode. -The mechanical intensity is high. -Light. -The ones that are authenticated defend the static material, the surface resistance coefficient is 10 for every square ^ 5 to 10 ^ 9¦¸.
Employ: -It is the intact SMT technological design. -The electronic assembly is inserted automatically. -Insert by hand. -The crest is welded. -Silk-screen printing of the soldering paste. -SMT surface sticks to and holds technology. -Infrared ray reflux solidification. -Online test.
Guarantee high-quality production: -Create conditions for development of PCB the whole automatic assembly line. -Shield PCB during the course of producing entirely. -Reduce flaw rate, control operation. -It is 10 for every square to meet whole range’s of product demands and formate the resistivity of the stone ^ 5-10 ^ 9¦¸, the static is radiated very slowly, so has guaranteed the assembly is being damaged constantly in the course of and producesing.
The most effective solution: -Create conditions for automation of production technology. -Reduce manual working. -A plurality of PCB was put and welded at the same time, improved and assembled the speed. -Have reduced load and transformation of PCB.

Dear customer, in order to provide the high-quality high-efficient service for you, promote our service quality constantly, we seriously make the following to promise:

1,Serve the goal: Make users more satisfied, let users rest assured even more, serve user wholeheartedly, promote and serve quality constantly.

2,Serve the attitude: Ask the users that asked to our company, the reception personnels must all guarantee to provide and solve the rational answer of relevant matters and solve the method as to any, civilization term, attitude are affable, never dispute with the customer.

3,After-sale service:
(1)All products that our company sells are the former factory products, quality guarantees, if is defective in quality, can retreat and exchange goods fully after verifying ‘ Except the trouble or destruction which people cause for factor or unresistable natural factor) .

(2)After receiving the technological question notice, make dash for and solve the problem live in five workdays.

(3)Users can consult the technological question to the personnel of our company at any time, get relevant help.

(4) As to VIP users, and the following very favourable measures.
The name of product: Formate the slabstone and import and formate the slabstone to offer New type: Cd123 type: Other

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