Food Security and Sustainable Development in Southeast Coastal Region of China

This paper is based on the results of two featured projects—Forest Food Security and Marine Fishery Resources Strategy,and studies food security and sustainable development in the southeast coastal region of China that includes Shanghai,Zhejiang,Fujian,Guangdong,and Hainan.It first analyzes the agricultural natural resources endowment,the changes of food supply and demand,the food security assurance ability,and the main challenges that affect the food security in this region,using field investigation,statistical analysis,econometric model prediction,and other methods,and then explores strategies for assuring food security against the backdrop of resource scarcity,internationalization,and greenization.Moreover,it proposes to develop an overall food view,promote the integration of the three industries,and implement strategies that benefit the ecology and encourage globalization.Based on the technological needs and policy objectives of the southeast coastal region,ten engineering measures are proposed,including germplasm resources and modern breeding engineering,high-quality agricultural products and ecological agriculture engineering,big-data refined management engineering for farm equipment,etc.