Fatigue Strength Analysis and Structure Optimization on 8L265 Diesel Engine Crankshaft

In this paper,the crankshaft of 8L265 diesel engine was used as research object.First a 3-D model corresponding to practical conditions was set up by using Pro / E.And then it was imported into ANSYS-Workbench and analyzed.The state of deformation and stress of the whole crankshaft was researched.The fatigue strength of the crankshaft was checked under alternating loads.At the same time,the single throw model of the crankshaft was used as research object,the influence of structure parameters on the stress concentration was studied such as the radius of the journal transition fillet,the shape of the journal transition fillet and so on.Finally the dynamic analysis was discussed.During the analysis,the whole crankshaft was used as the target,and the vibration modal analysis was made.The results indicate the natural frequency and deformation of the crankshaft,and lay a good foundation for dynamic analysis.