Fabrication and╬│spectrum characteristic test of alaminated CdZnTe detector

Single layer and laminated(double layer.)CdZnT'c detectors were prepared and their gamma spectrum characteristics were tested using 24 [email protected] keV and 5,[email protected] keV gamma ray sources.Compared with the single layer detector,for the higher energy gamma rays of 5 [email protected] keV,the laminated CdZnT'e detectors exhibited higher detection efficiency and light peak efficiency,and improved the Compton continuum,showing similar performance to that of a single-layered CdZnT'e detector of the same thickness;but charge carriers collection efficiency became worse?and the peak position of the energy spectrum shifted to lower channel area;energy resolution was not improved.T'he experimental results show that it is feasible to prepare the laminated CdZnT'edetectorbystackingmethod,anditcan beinferredthatthepreparation of stackeddetectorsof largerthicknesswill be beneficial for mid-and high-energy gamma ray spectrometry.