Extraction of Boletus boletus Polysaccharides by Three-phase Extraction

Boletus boletus was used as the experimental material,and the extraction process of polysaccharides from Boletus boletus was optimized by three-phase extraction.The antioxidant activity of Boletus boletus polysaccharides was studied.In the extraction process of Boletus boletus polysaccharides,single factor experiments were carried out on the factors of(NH4)2SO4 addition,tert butyl alcohol addition,extraction temperature and extraction times.On this basis,response surface methodology was used to optimize the extraction process.The optimum extraction conditions were as follows:(NH4)2SO4 addition 30%,tert butyl alcohol addition 10 mL,extraction temperature 37℃,extraction times 1 time,and the extraction rate of polysaccharide reached 47.3%.The antioxidant activity of Boletus boletus polysaccharides was studied.The scavenging rate of the Boletus boletus polysaccharide to OH,DPPH·radicals was 2.5 mg/mL and 11.6 mg/mL with IC50 values.The results showed that Boletus boletus polysaccharides had strong antioxidant activity,and the three-phase extraction process also retained its activity well.