Exterior sphere bearing UC306

Lead the sphere ball bearing outside one from two ones that wears the sealed exterior sphere ball bearing and casts ‘ Or the stencil plate is punching) The bearing seat makes up. Bring outside the seat the internal structure of the sphere ball bearing is the same as deep ditch ball bearing, but the inner circle of this kind of bearing is wider than the outer lane. The outer lane cuts the spherical outer surface, matching concave sphere of the bearing seat can adjust the heart automatically. Usually there are intervals between inner hole and axle of this kind of bearing, use and carry silks, set or fixes one to fix the inner circle of bearing on axle closely in off-centre, and rotate with the axle. It is compact to lead a bearing, it is convenient to load and unload, it is complete to seal, is suitable for supporting briefly, often used in the mining, metallurgy, agriculture, chemical industry, textile, printing and dyeing, transporting machinery etc..
Mainly used for bearing radial and axial union load relying mainly on radial load, should not generally bear axial load alone, this kind of bearing can differentiate the inner circle of installation (bring to the whole group and roll son and keepers) With the outer lane. This kind of bearing does not allow the axle the foreign shell has slope, will produce additional axial force under the circumstances that radial load is appointed. The the intersection of bearing and axial size of backlash, will you please the normal work relationship very much loud to bearing, as the axial backlash passes for hour, Wen Sheng is relatively high; When the axial backlash is bigger, the bearing is easy to damage. So pay special attention to adjusting the axial backlash of the bearing while installing and operating, can cross and full of installing in advance if necessary, in order to increase the rigidity of the bearing. Bring outside the stand the sphere bearing is a kind of bearing unit combined rolling bearing with bearing seat. Make the external diameter into the sphere, install with the bearing seat with inner hole of ball-shaped together with sphere bearing outside the majority, the structure is various informative, commonability and interchangeability are good.

Meanwhile, this kind of bearing must adjust the disposition in the design too, it is apt to install, the seal installation with double structure, can work under the abominable environment. The bearing seat usually adopts and casts shaping. The daily seat has vertical seats (P) , square seat (F) , the square flat (FS) of protruding platform , the round flat (FC) of protruding platform , rhombus seat (FL) , annular seat (C) Slippery pieces of flat,etc. (T) .

The sphere bearing is divided into bearing heart and bearing stand, add on the call to the bearing stand call with the bearing heart outside leading one, such as take, make the intersection of sphere and the intersection of bearing and UC205 buy vertical flat, call UCP205 outside the screw closely. Lead outside one the sphere bearing because has very strong interchangeability, the bearing heart can be assembled in the bearing seats of different shapes of the same specification at will. Warm suggestion: Because marque kind numerous, picture can’t one first uploading, some products can’t be put on the shelf one by one either, hope to understand, the product of this shop is complete, the whole kind, such as finding the type needed in this shop, please contact shopkeeper! QQ: 631296881 (not answer information and please phone with mobile telephone for 2 minutes) Tel.: 13963566141 models

The name of product: Supply the exterior sphere bearing UC306 New type: UC306 old type: 90606 internal diameters: 30( mm) External diameter: 72( mm) Weight: -( kg) Use: Lead outside one the sphere bearing is lubricating grease sealing deep ditch ball bearing and bearing seat associations of different shapes and high-accuracy assembly products become. The intersection of bearing and assembly can install at the subject to reach the mechanical device directly through several bolt, adjust heart functions, the ones that can pay lubricating grease are supplementary,etc., it is one kind that installs and uses very simple and convenient products. Type: Take the sphere ball bearing outside seats

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