Experimental study on thermoelectric cooling system based on mini-channel heat sink

A cooling system including mini-channel heat sink,thermoelectric cooler(TEC)and fan radiator was established.The effects of input current of TEC on the cooling temperature and modes as well as the effect of water flowrate were investigated.The results indicate that with the increase of input current of TEC,the steady temperature of heat source decreases at first and then increases.The heat conduction direction of TEC changes with the variation of input current.When the input current is smaller than 4A,the TEC worked in the thermoelectric active cooler modes and the heat conduction has a positive effect on the cooling performance.But when the input current is greater than 4A,the TEC worked in the thermoelectric refrigerator modes and heat conduction has a negative effect on the cooling performance.Increasing the mass flowrate of water can improve the cooling performance.However,when the flowrate of water is greater than 60L/h,the cooling rate of heat source is no longer significantly decreased with the increase of flow rate.