Experimental Study on Leaching of Gold and Elimination of Iron and Arsenic Using Acid Leaching

Through the test of leaching of gold from sulfur arsenic mineral cinder,the conclusion was as follows: the acid leaching solution was a species in the key factor of affecting the elimination of arsenic,the optimum process parameters was acid leaching time was 60 min, the ratio of solid to liquid was 1:2, leaching temperature is 20 ℃,acid leaching solution was 5% sulfuric acid. Through the orthogonal experiment of strengthening the acid leaching and improving gold leaching rate, was as follows the leaching temperature was the key factor affecting the leaching rate of gold, the optimal process parameters were the concentration of sulfuric acid is 65%, the ratio of solid to liquid was 1 : 2 ,leaching temperature was 95 ℃, acid leaching time was 4 hours. Through the iron removal experiment, iron was extracted effectively, the one-way test yield of FeSO4·7H=O crystallization reached 83.01%, the arsenic content was 0.03% and could be reduced to 0.006% after the first washing.