Experimental Study on Industrial Molybdenum Oxide Leaching by NaOH Solution

This paper adopts the NaOH system of leaching of molybdenum oxide,the base excess coefficient,temperature,time,ratio of liquid to solid and extract ratio conditions influence on the leaching rate of molybdenum,in order to overcome the conventional ammonia leaching process with the problem of low leaching rate of molybdenum.The test results show that the alkali excessive coefficient of 1.15,temperature 95℃,liquid-solid weight ratio 5 GA6FA 1,extraction time 60 min,the molybdenum leaching rate can reach the best 96.11%.XRD analysis showed that the residual molybdenum disulfide and dissolved difficulty molybdate are key factors to cause the low leaching rate of molybdenum.Accordingly,adding trisodium phosphate、sodium carbonate and oxygen leaching agent in the leaching process,can improve the leaching rate of molybdenum effectively.Especially use the trisodium phosphate as extractratio,molybdenum leaching rate 98.89%can be reached.