Experimental study on ignition and combustion characteristics of single kerosene gel droplet

CO2laser ignition and combustion setup is designed,and a series of experiments of single kerosen gel droplet ignition and combustion is conducted,with the help of a high resolution and high speed image formation system.During the ignition and combustion,the structure of single gel droplet is observed directly and clearly.The results indicate that the process of ignition and combustion of a single gel droplet includes:the evaporation and combustion of kerosene droplet,bubbles occurence,gellant layer occurence,diruption of gellant layer,and microexplo-sion of droplet,which basically follows the D2 law.Then we compared the differences of varied percentages of gellant and boron particles.We found that the steady combustion process tend to be relatively longer when increasing the percentage of gellant,but the microexplosion would be more active,the steady combustion process tend to be shorter when increasing the percentage of boron particles,and the microexplosion also tends to be more active also.